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Rust Dungeon is an endless single player arena FPS with a focus on kiting & juking your enemies while dishing out damage using a variety of weapons & upgrading yourself with various modifications as you go.

You play as a sentient computer that was brought to life for a single purpose - kill as many hell spawns as you can.

Switch between mobility and assault modes to prioritize either extra firepower or added mobility:

Assault mode allows you to wield an extra weapon (or two) and reduces recoil.

Mobility mode makes you jump higher and gives the ability to dash.

Take a breather after every boss fight in a break room where you can change your loadout mid-run.

Rust Dungeon Features:

-36 weapons: 9 melee, 9 sidearm, 9 primary and 9 heavy weapons.

-39 upgrades ranging from common stat boosts to legendary modifications that drastically change the way you play.

-25 levels.

-4 bosses & 7 enemy types.

-A Codex that tracks your statistics and contains extra information about everything in the game.

-Pixel art based visuals.


Buy Now
On Sale!
20% Off
$1.24 $0.99 USD or more

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Really awesome game, definitely worth the price of admission. Going to find a space in the magazine to cover this one in the future. Are you planning a Steam release?


Probably no steam release unless there's enough interest. Be sure to ask me if you need anything else :)