A game made in a week for "AI and Games Jam 2022" with the theme "Isolation"

An underwater research base has gone silent. No connection in or out. Completely isolated. You're being sent in to find out what happened, evaluate the situation and come back.

Solve proceduraly generated puzzles by rotating hexes and making sure all of them are connected.

Note: For the best experience download the standalone windows version. WebGL version has inferior lighting, lower quality audio and a 30fps cap.

[W, A, S, D] - Movement

[Left Mouse Button, Q] - Rotate Left

[Right Mouse Button, E] - Rotate Right

[Esc, P] - Options


IsolatingWaters-Windows-V1.1.zip 47 MB
IsolatingWaters.zip 47 MB


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Great little experience. Loved the atmosphere. Kinda felt like the pieces rotated the opposite to how I expected though.

I thought some people might feel that. That's why there is an option to swap rotation directions.
Glad you liked it and thanks for playing :)


I enjoyed this. I like the style and it comes off pretty creepy.


Seeing other people play is always great for gathering feedback.
Thank you for making a video about the game! :)


you're welcome! Thanks for watching! 


The art style is interesting and took me a while to get into, but it fits really well. The ambiance was excellent, especially for a jam game.

The procedural puzzles are a neat idea that seems to have worked well, though it makes me wonder just how much the smooth difficulty curve I had was through luck and how much was design.

Thanks for playing :)
As with anything procedural, there's always some luck involved, but the puzzle generator has a fair amount of settings to tweak - the main ones being grid size and the average amount of connections a puzzle should have.
Most puzzles have different parameters, but the generator is consistent enough with those parameters to create similarly difficult puzzles each time.